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All the main facts specific to Phu Quoc Island, from weather information to advice on the best times to visit, along with the wide range of services available, a run down on the islands towns and villages and much more, so you can enjoy your beach holiday in the sun.

Key facts: all Duong Dong Market, Phu Quocthe facts and statistics you need to know on Phu Quoc Island and Vietnam.
History: the colourful past, who's been, who's stayed and who left their mark on the Island.
Geography: all the hilly information on this567km² tropical paradise.
Weather & climate: all the seasons explained, along with our own researched weather data and charts.
Services: the services available on the island along with directions and contact details. Banks, laundry, Post Office & more.
Towns & villages: a little story on most of the towns and villages on the island, handy if you plan to tour the island.
Photo Gallery: stunning images of Phu Quoc beaches and people.
Real Estate: property and investment news.
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