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We accidentally stumbled across Phu Quoc many years ago and fell in love with the island, and so this is how our journey begins...

Discoverphuquoc.com was first created in 2006 with the objective to provide our visitors with relevant, fresh and up to date information about the island. We are a non-profit web site and any profits generated through the site are donated to local schools, churches or to other charities on the island.

Phu Quoc is changing fast and we hope it's changing for the better. In no time the island will be transformed from simple houses with rugged dirt roads to something Vietnam can be proud of, an international standard eco-tourist destination.

Until that time arrives....in our little way, we hope to assist by helping out the local community, whether it be providing the locals with a few sheets of tin roof over their home or re-building old schools or promoting recycling/reuse or simply by providing useful information to visitors or investors regarding Phu Quoc island.

Should you have any questions about Phu Quoc, please feel free to contact us for further details. We hope you enjoy your time with us Discovering Phu Quoc.
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